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Leading Exporters & Importers of Industrial Process Instruments products like Sensors , Process Indicators and Controllers ( Flow, Level, Temperature, Humidity, Proximity , Pressure, ), Totalizer, Scanners, Data loggers, Isolators, Converters, PLC based control systems, SCADA systems, PC based monitoring systems, Access Control System, Analog / Digital to Serial transmitters & Temp. Sensors. SMPS Single phase & Three Phase (indigenous and Imported) of various ratings, UPS & Invertors, Synchronous motor, AC & DC Techo, Encoders etc.

We are supplying Sensors to industries like Shipping, Petrochemical, Refineries,Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Sugar Industry, Food and beverages industry, Biotech industry, Water resources, Tyre Industries, Automobile, Power, Defence and Research organizations.

We are providing following services with international compliances:

  1. Project : Turnkey PLC/SCADA Control system Integration
  2. PCL Validation
  3. Calibration of Process Instruments
  4. Validation of equipments
  5. Instruments Supply : Temperature, Pressure, Level, PID Controller, Data acquisition system